Church Camps

Camping Fun with a purpose

Siloam Village at Lake Gariep is a place where friendships, skills, fun and character development have a high priority during camp sessions. Siloam Village can accommodate and facilitate up to 400 Church and Youth campers. The facilitator will have the option of hosting your own camp at our premises, using your own programme and activity lay-out or Sioam Village can do the hosting for you. We provide flexible programmes for each camp, therefore giving exposure to new areas of interest and providing an atmosphere of fun, fellowship and Christian living. Camping at Siloam Village always creates a lasting input into a changed life.

What’s fun about Christian camping?

For one thing, being in the great outdoors – God’s classroom! Such an environment affords many opportunities to communicate spiritual truths to campers and outdoor education participants of all ages, helping them learn more about God and His creation.

The outdoor setting is a wonderful place to impart such knowledge for several reasons:

  • Campers and outdoor participants are far away from the demands and stresses of everyday life such as academic studies, extra-curricular activities, jobs, and social pressures.
  • Just like adults, kids need to get away from the distractions. They need to move beyond their homework, cell phones, siblings and even their parents, to listen for, and hopefully hear, God’s spirit speaking to them.
  • The environment is bursting with natural object lessons and illustrations.
  • Camp teaches dependence. Christian camping at Siloam Village Lake Gariep is a place for kids to hear about Jesus, have quiet times, connect with other fledgling Christians their own age and begin to understand how much Jesus loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.
  • Camps are quiet places, making it possible to listen to God’s voice and recharge mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Camp teaches independence. At a very young age, kids want to start trying things without mom or dad. Camp is a great place for this because it provides a safe, well-supervised environment.
  • Camping at Siloam Village Lake Gariep can certainly be a highlight in the lives of many children- sharing a bungalow, new friends, singing songs, outdoor adventure, God’s creation, bonfires, Facing fears and lasting memories.