Environmental & Eco Camps

At Siloam Village, we focus on the Social Development of campers with Nature Conservation. Siloam Village values the respect for nature with Pride, Perseverance, Serving others and Responsibility. Campers will be orientated with life skills to expand their personal potential so they can meet life’s challenges effectively.

In result of this learning programme

  • Learners will gain knowledge about natural world
  • They will realise that they have an active role to play in nature conservation
  • Learners will accept authority and that they cannot choose when to obey outcomes for activity

Participants will develop


  • Learners know that damage is caused by lack of knowledge about natural resources
  • Know the names of a few plants and can identify them
  • Understand why fynbos is unique
  • Know the difference between a few aliens and indigenous plants
  • Know how to plant a tree


  • Learners develop the ability to co-operate
  • Learn to concentrate and listen
  • Learn to serve others
  • Learn how to pull out weeds
  • Learn how to plant a tree


  • Develop a positive attitude towards nature and other people
  • Learn to work hard
  • Learn to love nature and conserve it
  • Develop a love for gardening